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About Me

Hello! I’m Els Decaluwe

I studied animation film at RITCS in Brussels. I like to eat lots of comfort food and love to make comfort animations and illustrations. My films have a warm and sweet feeling that makes you long back to the days of your own childhood stories!

What can I do for you?


The world of animation and illustration is limitless and magical , that’s why animation-illustration is the best choice for  commercials, tv shows, digital campaigns, book covers…

As an animator Illustrator I love the challenge of working on new projects and working together with inspiring people. With my animations I  create a dream world and bring a magical warm feeling.

Do you also need an illustration campaign? I can provide you with both the animation and the extra assets you want to use for your website , news letter, print campaign,..

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Naamsestraat 3B
3000 Leuven