About me

Hallo (Hi in Dutch) , I’m Els Decaluwe!
I like to eat lots of comfort food and make comfort animations and illustrations. My Illustrations and films have a warm and sweet feeling that make you long back to the days of your own childhood stories. During my studies in animation at RITCS Brussels , I learned how to bring movement and life to illustrations and animations. Story was also an important element I learned and love to focus on. In my illustration carreer I learned to look at details even more and also studied graphic design. I got the honour of winning the audience award of the prestigious illustration contest Picturale. I love to combine what I’ve learned and make (excuse me for the pun) ‘moving illustrations’.

What can I do for you?
I like to help you tell your story through ‘moving’ illustrations. Working together is important. So if your project needs some extra expertise in the sound department, I work with inspiring creatives like sound designer Samuel Chan , musician Vincent Groos and communication expert Jasmien Decaluwe .

Do you also need an animation campaign for your instagram or other social media channels? I can provide you with both the illustration and the extra assets you want to use for your website , news letter, print campaign,..
Together we can bring your dreamworld to life!

I’m always curious to hear about your ideas!
Please contact me if you have any questions. hello@elsdecaluwe.be (I speak Dutch, English some French and I can use google translate ; ) )